See No Evil – Sculpture

See No Evil

Sculpture by Rick Siegel from the 2018 collection. This is part of Siegel’s small head designs and sculptures and represents the theme of see no evil.

Avant-garde representation done in Spanish chamotte clay with small stones baked at high temperature to give this item more strength and then enamel is applied and baked again at a lower temperature of about 980C.

Once again I started with a well worked piece of clay. This one uses a special clay with small stones, very small stones, mixed in to give it better strength. In Spain this is called chamotte blanc or high fire grogged white body clay. It is cooked at very high temperature, around 1300 degrees centigrade. The head started to form and it had a stunning look. Rather than add hair I decided to create hands and fingers to replace the hair and as it fell into the eyes it was clear this should be see no evil.

Sculpting the mouth, nose and lips I gave some thought to doing different enamels and coloring’s, but really decided it would be great to just be one color, and it worked.

I am getting ready for the coming year to create a say no evil.


  • Width 3 1/2″ (85mm)
  • Length 5″ (175mm)
  • Height 5 1/2″ (140mm)
  • Weight 821 grams = 1.8 pounds