Chained To Love – Encadenados Por Amor

Chained To Love – Encadenados Por Amor
by Rick Siegel Copyright 2015

Created with a course grey clay from the River Turia this work takes a common everyday item and entwines it with love. Creating relationships to a special commonality joining the banal to the sublime.

Formed with clay are 2 tow hooks, similar to what a tow truck would be using, with symbolic heads. Through the holes to hold the tow hook are a single link of chain on each hook. These are entwined around the symbolic waist and shoulders of the tow hooks.

Representing two humans in an eternal embrace, chained together through their holding onto each other with the arms, represented by the chain links.

The work was cooked in an oven at 1200 degrees Celsius and then colored with iron oxide. It was cooked again at 900 degrees Celsius. To give it a richer tone more iron oxide was added and it was cooked a third time to give it a richer tone of red and give it a feeling of age.

The work is

  • 35cm length
  • 34cm height
  • 28cm width
  • 10.5kg weight

Materials and Techniques:

  • Barra CH (Chumato) – Clay with tiny stones
  • Iron Oxide