Man of La Mancha Sculpture

Man of La Mancha Sculpture Head

Here we have another fine sculptured head from Rick Siegel’s head collection.

Created with standard Spanish red clay from Manises, Spain and cooked at 980 degrees Celsius this sculpture from Rick Siegel’s yearly head collection features his version of Man of La Mancha. It has an white enamel  used for sealing coffee cups and other items to be used for liquids.

The project was to create a small head and this was my first. I start by just taking a well worked piece of clay and molding it by hand. Slowly a form emerges, and I am sure I have no idea where it comes from. I made an interesting head and then just started to “deform” it. Pulling its nose, creating a counter to it with the beard and slowly it came out Man of La Mancha.

I added plastic eyes to it and am not sure if it adds to it or what. But they are attached to it with blue tack so it is easy to remove and put it back to just the ceramic head. I have put one picture of it without the plastic eyes so you can see the eyes I sculpted into it.


  • Length 4 3/4″ (12cm)
  • Width = 3 1/2″ (9cm)
  • Height = 3 1/4 (8.5cm)
  • Weight 477 grams (1.05 pounds)
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