Stark Contrast

Stark Contrast – Scratch Art by Rick Siegel Stark Contrast makes a fine example of Scratch Art. What is Scratch Art? It is the technique of taking a tile and putting a color layer on top of another color layer, as many as you like, then scratching, or rubbing the colors off to reveal the work of art. Making the subject matter more graphic the idea was to be able

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Blue Storm

Blue Storm Here we have a fine example of 18th century techniques using bisque tiles and base using only cobalt for coloring. The choice of color in context of a storm at sea with lightning striking all around was quite easy since cobalt is blue. The more cobalt the more blue and shading is done with finely tuning the amount of cobalt one lays on the tile. Working on this

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Blue Guitarist Picasso Tribute

Blue Guitarist A Picasso Tribute This hand painted tile is part of a project using techniques from the 18th century in Spain. Using a simple bisque base and natural metals. The metals used are cobalt for blue, copper for green, and manganese for tan to brown. I actually wanted to do this all with cobalt and make it closer to the original Picasso painting but the idea was to learn

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African Musicians – Hand Painted Ceramic Tiles

African Musicians Hand Painted Ceramic Tiles Here is an amazing collection of hot black Latino musicians. Six different ceramic tiles from Spain. Each painted by the famous Richard Siegel with locally made engobe colors. Baked in the ovens at over 980 degrees centrigrade until the colors are cooked and blended properly. After cooking the tiles are then specially painted with a clear coat on parts of the tile to add

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