Blue Guitarist Picasso Tribute

Blue Guitarist
A Picasso Tribute

This hand painted tile is part of a project using techniques from the 18th century in Spain. Using a simple bisque base and natural metals. The metals used are cobalt for blue, copper for green, and manganese for tan to brown.

I actually wanted to do this all with cobalt and make it closer to the original Picasso painting but the idea was to learn how to work with all three metal coloring’s and glazing for future works like I did with the Blue Storm tile.

The tile is 20cm x 30cm, which is pretty standard and a bit larger than a 20cm square.

Working with the mineral coloring and glazing was interesting and I really love dealing with the shadows and highlights using them. I worked specially hard on the face and body to use the cobalt and bring life to the work. I think I succeeded.

Created spring 2016

Base: 18th century (Siglo XVIII)
Colors: Cobalt (cobalto) (natural), Copper (cobre), and magnesium (maganese)


  • 20cm x 30xm
  • 8 in x 12 in
  • 730 gram weight

Blue Guitarist Picasso Tribute