Town Living (Vida Del Pueblo)

Town Living Vida del Pueblo by: Richard Siegel Living in town represents a work depicting life in cities. People living one on top of the other. Dimensions of Work: 22cm x 20cm (8.5″ x 8″) x 24cm height (9.5″) 4.8kg Weight Materials: Red Clay Variety of engobe colors Clear lacquer Signed “Rick” dated  (2016) About

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Royal Walker – Ceramic Work

Royal Walker – Ceramic Work With his regal face, straight stature this bizarre avant-garde work of art is something to make any collection stand out. The crown of the king is threaded with color fiber optic that can be connected to a simple battery and lit up for night or dark display purposes. Siegel’s use

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Man Against The Wind

Man Against the Wind Sculpture by: Richard Siegel 2015 Against the Wind is a ceramic work created as an exercise in creating motion in a ceramic work of art. The work shows a man blown by strong winds as he works hard to make his way down a stone strewn road. Dimensions: The work is

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