Stark Contrast

Stark Contrast – Scratch Art by Rick Siegel Stark Contrast makes a fine example of Scratch Art. What is Scratch Art? It is the technique of taking a tile and putting a color layer on top of another color layer, as many as you like, then scratching, or rubbing the colors off to reveal the work of art. Making the subject matter more graphic the idea was to be able

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Man of La Mancha Sculpture

Man of La Mancha Sculpture Head Here we have another fine sculptured head from Rick Siegel’s head collection. Created with standard Spanish red clay from Manises, Spain and cooked at 980 degrees Celsius this sculpture from Rick Siegel’s yearly head collection features his version of Man of La Mancha. It has an white enamel  used for sealing coffee cups and other items to be used for liquids. The project was

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The History of Weather Dice – Inception to Creation

The History of Weather Dice My first glimmer of weather die comes in 1986. I’m not sure about the date but what I do remember is sitting at the Holland tunnel waiting to get into New York city. The rain was pouring down and I’m stuck in traffic listening to news on the radio. The news is telling me it’s sunny and warm and yet here I am sitting in

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See No Evil – Sculpture

See No Evil Sculpture by Rick Siegel from the 2018 collection. This is part of Siegel’s small head designs and sculptures and represents the theme of see no evil. Avant-garde representation done in Spanish chamotte clay with small stones baked at high temperature to give this item more strength and then enamel is applied and baked again at a lower temperature of about 980C. Once again I started with a

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Blue Storm

Blue Storm Here we have a fine example of 18th century techniques using bisque tiles and base using only cobalt for coloring. The choice of color in context of a storm at sea with lightning striking all around was quite easy since cobalt is blue. The more cobalt the more blue and shading is done with finely tuning the amount of cobalt one lays on the tile. Working on this

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Blue Guitarist Picasso Tribute

Blue Guitarist A Picasso Tribute This hand painted tile is part of a project using techniques from the 18th century in Spain. Using a simple bisque base and natural metals. The metals used are cobalt for blue, copper for green, and manganese for tan to brown. I actually wanted to do this all with cobalt and make it closer to the original Picasso painting but the idea was to learn

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Flowers and Forests

This is a section of Nature Photographs and includes many photographs of flowers and forests. All the photos are available for use on websites when you request using our contact form and pay any fees or comply with instructions you will be sent. The photography section will grow as I scan in the photos from years ago. Watch for changes all the time. Bee Pollinating Flowers

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Town Living (Vida Del Pueblo)

Town Living Vida del Pueblo by: Richard Siegel Living in town represents a work depicting life in cities. People living one on top of the other. Dimensions of Work: 22cm x 20cm (8.5″ x 8″) x 24cm height (9.5″) 4.8kg Weight Materials: Red Clay Variety of engobe colors Clear lacquer Signed “Rick” dated  (2016) About the artist: This work passed 3 times into an oven, each time 24 hours. Twice

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Lake Baikal and Olkhon Island

It was 1981 and there I was traveling to a small island on Lake Baikal. It was a long journey to get there as I did go overland. The goal was to watch the total Solar Eclipse that was about to happen. I was lucky enough to get a ride on a Russian Navy vessel to the island for viewing as the tourist boats were all filled. This turns out

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Royal Walker – Ceramic Work

Royal Walker – Ceramic Work With his regal face, straight stature this bizarre avant-garde work of art is something to make any collection stand out. The crown of the king is threaded with color fiber optic that can be connected to a simple battery and lit up for night or dark display purposes. Siegel’s use of fiber optics in his ceramic works started in 2013 and several pieces use this

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