Antique Chinese Painted Ivory

Antique Hand Carved Ivory

Antique Hand Carved Ivory

In 1980 China and Russia started to let tourist into their country. My philosophy was always to get into any closed nation when they opened. You just never know when a country will close its’ border and you may never, in your lifetime, be allowed back in to see the wonders of the world.

So it was that I journeyed around the world again during this time to visit the far reaches of Russia, Mongolia and China. As a first visitor there was an abundance of fine art and great treasures to find and purchase.

This great statue was one of my finest purchases. It is very old and is packed in the original custom box I bought it in.

Originally imported into the USA, where I lived at the time, I once had the import papers but after moving around and over the ocean to Europe those papers are yet to be found again.

The ivory is painted but it is so old the painting has many worn spots, specially where it has been touched for good luck. The patina, or color, of the ivory is specially brilliant and yellowed with age. It is complete and undamaged. Somewhere on the label is the age of the piece but after all these years I have forgotten what it was. Hundreds of years old for sure.

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Antique Painted Ivory
Antique Painted Ivory acquired in China 1981Full view
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