Welcome to the home of artist, photographer, videographer, film maker, writer, sculptor, poet, musician, renaissance man, worldling and all around good guy to know, Richard Siegel

The Artist known as Rick

I have made a place, where those looking for the great art and projects I have worked on in my many years on this earth, can find. I hope to elaborate on each of the sections and exhibits, to give you an idea of where they come from and how they were made.

Photographs start from the early 1960’s and include travel to over 100 nations through the years. Galleries and photos from New York, London, Afghanistan and to the highest mountains in Nepal can be found; they tell the tales, travails,  and meetings with remarkable men.

Ceramics both painted and sculpted add to the breath of offerings here.

Paintings start from a 1964 woman in chalk to the latest homage to the amazing talents of Salvador Dali and Magritte.

Stories and poems written from the many experiences and travels.

Who knows? I may re-create the comic strips I did in High School when I created the Chicken Man Character in Chicago.

There will be a lot of surprises, so keep looking back to see forward.


Man Against The Wind

Man Against the Wind Sculpture by: Richard Siegel 2015 Against the Wind is a ceramic work created as an exercise in creating motion in a ceramic work of art. The work shows a man blown by strong winds as he works hard to make his way down a stone strewn road. Dimensions: The work is 45cm (17 inches) length 42cm height 25cm (9 3/4 inches) width Materials and Techniques: Barra

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Forms – Ceramic Sculpture

Forms is an avant-garde ceramic work combining imagery worked into forms which stretch the imagination with the use of known and unknown shapes and direction. Using the best Valenciano clays, Spanish engobe coloring, cuerda seca lacquers, and plastic add on forms. This work of art takes the senses on a trip through the known and comforting to the unknown and uncomfortable combining . Dimensions: The work is 53cm (20 3/4

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Chained To Love – Encadenados Por Amor

Chained To Love – Encadenados Por Amor by Rick Siegel Copyright 2015 Created with a course grey clay from the River Turia this work takes a common everyday item and entwines it with love. Creating relationships to a special commonality joining the banal to the sublime. Formed with clay are 2 tow hooks, similar to what a tow truck would be using, with symbolic heads. Through the holes to hold

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The Wave – Ceramic Sculpture by Richard Siegel

The Wave Here is a ceramic sculpture that captures the imagination. Motion, life, and body mold into one wave formation. Water rises to the apex where it comes back in the form of the earthly hand to take the crystal ball of the future into its’ grasp.

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African Musicians – Hand Painted Ceramic Tiles

African Musicians Hand Painted Ceramic Tiles Here is an amazing collection of hot black Latino musicians. Six different ceramic tiles from Spain. Each painted by the famous Richard Siegel with locally made engobe colors. Baked in the ovens at over 980 degrees centrigrade until the colors are cooked and blended properly. After cooking the tiles are then specially painted with a clear coat on parts of the tile to add

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Chulillia Valencia Spain Photographic Tour With Rick Siegel

Here is a nice set of pictures of Chulillia and why it is something special. There is hiking, fishing, spectacular views, an old castle with a great history, and they have a barrio called Santa Barbara so you cannot go wrong. Amazing gorges and hiking is right there as well as some first class fishing. On some days you can find rappels scaling the steep walls. There is an amazing

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Antique Chinese Painted Ivory

In 1980 China and Russia started to let tourist into their country. My philosophy was always to get into any closed nation when they opened. You just never know when a country will close its’ border and you may never, in your lifetime, be allowed back in to see the wonders of the world. So it was that I journeyed around the world again during this time to visit the

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Richard Siegel Showcase

Welcome to the official Richard Siegel showcase for the most avant-garde art, ceramics, sculptures, photos, poetry and music. You that will surely find something of interest here. Watch the portfolios go up over the month of October and see for yourself.

Listen to Rick's Radio Show

Listen to the best Chicago Blues, rock'n roll, and jazz from Chicago's great DJ Rick Siegel.